The non-profit ‘Himalayan Foundation Switzerland’ (HFS) has been formed following the devastating earthquakes which happened some months ago in Nepal.

The HFS foundation raises funds for the ‘American Himalayan Foundation’ (AHF) by enabling tax deductible contributions and events in Switzerland. The AHF was founded 34 years ago in San Francisco and is dedicated to directly helping the people and the ecology of the Himalaya, including building and supporting schools and students, training doctors and funding hospitals, caring for children and elders, planting trees and restoring sacred sites. Our HFS web project area offers a direct link to their website:

The Himalaya is a magic place where the magnificence of the world’s highest mountains is mirrored in the rugged beauty and unique culture of the people who live in their shadow. But these people often live without basic health care and education. Economic pressures have forced environmental degradation. And traditional ways of life are disappearing. After the earthquakes of April 2015, the situation is far more dire. Many people lost their lives, and many survivors must find a way to rebuild their destroyed homes, schools, and livelihoods.

The importance of the current situation in Nepal cannot be underestimated. For those who donated to other emergency response funds already, these fantastic resources only provide immediate relief.  The country is facing an extremely urgent and ultimately lengthy process of rebuilding much of its infrastructure which will need sustainable ongoing aid for many years to come…

Please join our community and look after those in need who have no one else … be part of making the change happen!